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Why do you need THE ONLY NAILS ?

Why do you need THE ONLY NAILS ?

What are THE ONLY NAILS - a.k.a. Handmade Wearable Nails?

Our nails are crafted by hand using salon-quality gel, which sets them apart from machine-made nails. Each of our nails undergoes a meticulous process involving at least four layers: a base, color, re-color, and a top coating. In between these steps, we use UV light to ensure that your nails look just as good as the ones you'd get at a salon.

Why do you need handmade nails? 

They look beautiful, no doubt about it. People will definitely inquire about the salon where you got them done and how much you invested in them.

Additionally, they offer a natural and comfortable feel. Since they go through the same process as salon nails, you'll experience the sensation of having had a professional manicure. The best part is that you don't have to endure the wait at a salon, and you can use them again, making them a convenient choice.

Besides this, Using our hands daily means that they come into contact with food and various surfaces regularly. Therefore, it's essential to have nails made from healthy materials to protect our overall health.

Moreover, opting for reusable handmade nails is an eco-friendly choice. When you choose our sustainable nails over the 24-30 piece machine-printed ones, you contribute to reducing waste. Our environment greatly benefits from less waste, as it struggles to cope with the excessive garbage being produced.

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